Backing technical and repeat founders across Europe & US.

We are seed and early investors in breakout companies such as Hopin, Pitch, MetaMap, Manna, Zapp, Crossbeam, Nothing and Standard.

We back repeat and technical founders who are going after incumbents and new markets with a global view, and support them with our founder network.


Standard have created the leading independent software platform for retailers to deploy autonomous cashier-less checkout tech.

We are really on the precipice of unleashing this on the world. When the technology is mature... it will be everywhere.
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Hopin is a novel platform for live virtual, hybrid, and in-person events; enabling users to seamlessly network no matter where they are.

Our mission as a company is to make the world feel smaller by giving people the flexibility to attend from wherever they are.
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Zapp offers ‘instant’ on-demand delivery for convenience store items in Europe, delivering in under 10 mins from hyper-localized urban fulfilment centers.

We’re relentlessly focused on delighting our customers... bringing Zapp to millions of customers in London and beyond
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Pitch combines the best parts of productivity, design, and presentation software to help fast-moving teams collaborate and create beautifully designed decks in minutes.

We're focused on building the fastest and most delightful experience for teams to create, collaborate on and share presentations.
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Builder’s platform streamlines outsourced software and app development using a library of building blocks and AI, democratizing software development.

Businesses need to adapt to survive… We make it easy and affordable for businesses to amplify their digital presence
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Nothing is building the next-generation of consumer electronics; they started with ear (1) and recently launched Phone (1). More products to come...

As a whole, consumer tech is quite boring. We have a lot of products in the pipeline. This market is really screaming for differentiation.
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Crossbeam is a collaborative data platform that helps companies build more valuable sales, technology and marketing partnerships.

We don't just power the secure exchange of data — we create value by routing the data to the systems where work gets done
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Manna are building consumer drone delivery infrastructure for urban settings. They allow companies to fully outsource a "delivery by drone" option for their customers.

Drone delivery is the way you get things delivered there. It’s not some toy, it’s not some project, it’s literally: I want a coffee.
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Sustain.Life is carbon accounting and sustainability management for enterprises.

We need tools that enable more people and organizations to take meaningful climate action—and we need them quickly
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Black Crow AI provides actionable machine learning for e-commerce by predicting user value, intent and decisions in real-time.

Black Crow
We think this is the next huge opportunity in machine learning and AI — mass-market adoption and mass customization
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MetaMap provides KYC/AML workflows from biometrics scanning to credit checks; enabling companies to more readily trust and transact with their customers.  

Privacy is not about being anonymous or hidden. It’s about controlling your data, turning strangers into trustworthy users
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Northflank is a full-stack cloud platform that serves millions of developer requests monthly; enabling developers to manage and automate the entire DevOps stack.

Seamlessly build, deploy and scale your code, jobs and databases. Operate your infrastructure in real-time with Northflank’s UI, API & CLI.
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Cloudsmith is a package manager built for the next generation of software infrastructure, focused on the “logistics supply chain” of software.

We believe that the concept of provenance will play a defining role in the future of software security and quality.
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Breakroom is the Glassdoor for hourly workers, based on qualitative data from employee surveys, building a unique dataset of employee feedback valuable to wage workers and employers.

Our mission is to improve the quality of all low income jobs and we do that by helping people rate and compare where they work.
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Loc Tax is a collaborative tax management platform for multinational companies, allows for “git” like collaboration on projects with multiple internal team stakeholders.

Loc Tax
Most fast-scaling companies deny themselves the opportunity to empower their internal functions and capture strategic tax data value
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Unflow allows anyone to build mobile app experiences without code. Create screens, flows, and features with a simple user interface.

Mobile development is broken - developers are bored of building the same cut and paste UIs
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Pex is the leading media identification and monetization layer for online video indexing 100% of publicly available audio and video content.

Pex is being used by the largest rightsholders, but is accessible to anyone who doesn’t have the resources to police all content online
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Feathery offers embedded form infrastructure for the modern web. Empowering product teams to build best-in-class forms and user journeys.

I discovered that the most popular form builders on the market, while easy to use, aren’t very customizable or extensible
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EqualTo is a no-code sales commission operating system that gives sales teams direct insight into what they are paid, building trust through transparency across teams.

When incentives are correctly designed and managed, there’s almost no limit to what the sales team can achieve
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Sym empowers engineers to create and embed the perfect security and privacy workflows directly into their products.

DevOps is a thing. So now, DevSecOps needs to be a thing. We need to reclaim security. And we want to be the tool to do that with.
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Mozart Data is the easiest way to set up a modern data stack by providing an abstraction across data infrastructure for custom tooling.

Mozart Data
We’re empowering customers of all technical levels to build best-in-class data stacks in under an hour
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Grafbase is an edge-first database and compute platform that enables developers to go from an idea to a serverless GraphQL backend in seconds.

Our mission is to dramatically simplify and accelerate the development of GraphQL backends
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Huckleberry is a next generation B2B insurance company, enabling SMBs to sign-up for all their insurance needs online in under five minutes.

We’re trying to protect individual workers and businesses all while staying fully compliant in every market
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Rocket Dollar lets anyone invest in alternative assets through their IRA/401(k)s, keeping the tax benefits of these accounts, while diversifying their portfolio.

Rocket Dollar
The appetite for investors to use their retirement savings to invest in alternatives has been a great validation of the work our team has done
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Relay is a next generation online bank serving SMBs in the US; whereby it acts as the financial command center for thousands of customers.

We’re building a challenger bank that helps businesses succeed by offering powerful tools to streamline financial processes
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Beam are creating the first knowledge-based internet browser, creating a novel way to browse the web while capturing knowledge.

Everybody complains that Instagram and Facebook fry your brain, yet, web browsers represent infinite knowledge and possibilities.
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Hour One is a leading provider of synthetic characters based on real people. The platform easily generates reusable character IP for lifelike digital video and audio on-demand.

Hour One
We believe that synthetic characters of real people will become a part of our everyday life.
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Pico is the operating system for creator businesses, offering them a suite of tools to manage their content and audiences.

The power of our CRM to help creators understand their audience makes Pico the operating system for the creator economy
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Mora is digital platform for reversing metabolic diseases such as diabetes and autoimmune disease, by using diet.

Our mission is to reverse 1 million cases of metabolic disease by 2025
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Arevo automates carbon fibre manufacturing via its 3D printing technology with applications across many industrial and consmer sectors.

3D printing is about making things slowly and in small quantities. With Arevo’s technology you can make big things quite fast
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Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy
We will never know the counterfactual. I try to help our founders with objective inputs to their decisions, from our own experience and our network’s.

Patrick previously started and ran a VC fund for Universal Music Group, which had invested in Spotify, Shazam, Uber, TikTok, Houseparty, Stance and more.

He is an avid sea swimmer and coffee sipper when at home in San Francisco, and prefers running and reading when on the road in Europe or New York.

Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy

SF + London

David Kelly

David Kelly
I’m much more excited by an individual than an idea. Both can change, but only great people can turn around bad ideas. I focus on the jockey, not the horse.

David co-founded tech events business Web Summit, and helped it grow to host some of the world’s largest startup gatherings. He resigned from Web Summit in March 2021.

David is an active father of three, and splits his time between Dublin and Lisbon, when not crisscrossing Europe’s other capital cities to meet with founders.

David Kelly

David Kelly


Audrey Miller

Audrey Miller
Great teams are like a great jazz band - they can finish each others’ sentences, they know the destination not the journey, and anyone who sees them wants to be a part of what they are building.

Audrey Miller

Audrey Miller

London + SF

Alex Mackenzie

Alex Mackenzie
As the ‘Rise of the Employee’ continues to manifest, I look for SaaS companies with bottom-up customer acquisition strategies that are both novel and defensible.

Alex Mackenzie

Alex Mackenzie

London + Dublin