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Our History

Patrick raised and closed our first fund, Amaranthine, in 2018, in partnership with Web Summit, which David co-founded over a decade ago. Our relationship with Web Summit ended in early 2021.

Our first fund has now backed 30 incredible teams, with over 90% technical and 60% repeat founders. 70% of our portfolio have operations in multiple countries from their earliest days.

Our investments range from breakout software successes such as Hopin and Pitch, to companies making science fiction into reality like drone delivery company Manna and 3D printing company Arevo.

We raised our second fund, Tapestry, independently in 2021 to continue to back the incredible technical and repeat founders in our network.

We are indebted to our extraordinary global team of Luke, Audrey and Alex who fight for our companies daily; and to our founder network whose counsel is invaluable to our portfolio.